Portrait Daniela Algieri

Digital UI  Design & Content Creation


Hello, I’m Daniela Algieri, a freelance digital UI designer based in Hamburg, Germany. For more than twenty years I’ve been working as a digital art director for many great clients and projects with a focus on e-commerce and marketing.

It has always been my passion to improve the usability of websites, e-commerce platforms and all kinds of digital media and to make them more fun to use. Through many years of working with interdisciplinary teams, I have built my skills as a visual designer – both GUI and print.

I am always excited to challenge myself and try new things. Currently, I’m building my skills as a social media expert.

Although the web almost feels like my second home, I also enjoy illustrating, photographing, making jewelry, writing content for my cooking blog, and designing fun print products.

I speak German, English, Italian and a little French.
Feel free to contact me. I’m happy to help!


Freelance UI Digital Designer, Senior Art Director Digital, Digital & Print Creatives, E-Commerce, Application Design, Corporate Design, Digital Advertising, Design Guidelines and Consulting, Social Media Advertising, Content Creation, Texting, Print Media, Performance Media and E-Mail Marketing

CREATION: Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Adobe Express, Canva, Procreate, Microsoft Clipchamp, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Animate, Figma, Sketch
ORGANISATION: Microsoft Office Suite, Slack, Miro, Trello
SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook Business Suite, Hootsuite
CMS: WordPress, WooCommerce
FRONTEND: Adobe Dreamweaver, Brackets, Google Webdesigner, Editor X


SuperCoop Hamburg, 1Komma8 Skinfood, mobile.de, Blau, BOC, Base, Simyo, Telefonica AG, Napster, Aldi Talk, Plan International, Mazda, VW, art-Magazin, ARD, Deerberg, Klingel Gruppe, Veolia, Görtz, Louis, Bertelsmann, Saturn, DB 24, comdirect, T-Mobile, Deutsche Post World Net, Holzland, Bertelsmann, blume 2000, N24, Sport Scheck, Lufthansa, Boehringer, noris Bank, Deutsche Bank, Tchibo, Tupperware, cyberport, Eidos, Takata, Tivola, Otto, Dehner, Liberty, Christ, Stage Entertainment …


Performance Media, Novomind, Jung von Matt Next, Dgroup, SinnerSchrader, Pilot 1/0, Proximity, Elephantseven, Plan.Net, Torner Brand media, PlanB …


To take a look at some of my work samples, you can quickly browse the flip book online or download the portfolio as a PDF (7MB) for more detailed images.

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